Lead generation is becoming tricky. With an ever-increasing number of distractions and options available on the internet, people’s attention span to focus on one particular thing is becoming lesser and lesser. With such an adverse effect of the internet, what better way to grasp the attention of potential customers than interesting, interactive, trivial, quizzes.

Quizzes are creative and innovative to keep the customer engagement as well as to keep the inflow of new customers gradual and constant. The digital realm is becoming more saturated and competitive. On every corner of the internet, there are marketers competing with each other to sell their products in a more lucrative way. The power of quizzes as a method of lead generation comes into play here. They have the potential to attract and engage with an active audience, an attribute that is lacking in most content marketing strategies.

A solid digital marketing plan consists of facets that are both technical as well as endearing. When quizzes are combined with other marketing systems, your business is guaranteed to fair better than ever. If you for example feed all the knowledge gained into a marketing automation system, you can benefit from leadscoring and begin to automatically qualify leads! Visual imagery used in quizzes combined with engaging content makes quizzes an attractive head-turner for potential clients.

A part of a bigger plan

It piques the curiosity of a promising lead, hence booting traffic your way. Apart from being an interactive and innovative technique for lead generation, quizzes also bring an important factor to your brand, diversity. Having a mixed bag of marketing strategies will benefit your business in more than a way in the long run.

Quizzes also help in better analysis and segmentation of potential leads which makes them a good tool for research analytics.  There is also a myth surrounding quizzes that they are only effective tools for B2C clientele.

However, many global B2B companies use quizzes effectively to generate leads as well. The catch point of using quizzes is the content and brand image represented through a quiz. A well-designed quiz format will help in propelling a brand and diversifying the brand identity. But first, here’s a look at all the know-how before you get started.


Why Should Businesses Use Quiz as a Lead Generation Tool?

Now that we have a premise about quizzes as a lead generation tool, let us analyse what makes them good lead magnets and why:

  • Customer Engagement & Interactivity
  • Helps in Segmentation
  • Insight into the Client/Customer Mindset
  • Personalization Leads to More Sales
  • Helps in Targeting & Retargeting the Right Set of People


Customer Engagement & Interactivity

The nature of quizzes is interactive and endearing. This feature of quizzes makes them a compelling tool for customer engagement. It also demands the attention of potential leads.

It is in human nature to be attracted to active and engaging content rather than observing static content. People like engaging with fun activities when compared to going through an e-book or a blog post. Quizzes are an assured way to garner the attention of users to get interested in a product you have to offer. They pique the interest of the customer by giving them an end-product at the end of the journey (end of quiz).


Helps in Segmentation

Quizzes provide a strategy to segment and categorize the leads generated. Content marketers have the ability to segment the leads generated through quizzes via email with the use of tags. This sort of categorization helps in organizing and personalizing emails better when approaching a potential client. The more personalized a content or an email is the better chance there is to bag the lead. This approach comes in handy when your brand is handling various different niches and will need to group leads in their niche categories for maximum utilisation.


Insight into the Client/Customer Mindset

Quizzes are a set way to understand your audience’s mindset. You have at your hand data of how the audience is answering different questions. Understand it like how a survey would work.

This is a valuable asset considering you could use this data to market the product differently to the tune of the audience and even make subtle tweaks to the product itself to make it more attractive and valuable to the target audience. questions offer information that can be converted into feedback to be used to improve your business.

You can tailor the quizzes you offer in such a way that they offer insight as well as help the audience understand your brand as well. Quizzes can offer this valuable insight into the audience’s mindset in a much more organic way in comparison to other lead generation tools.


Personalization Leads to More Sales

Since quizzes provide content marketers with the opportunity to segment and organise their leads, it results in personalized content and conversation. Personalization is one of the most effective ways to make a sale in the e-commerce business. Personalized service is much more valued and appreciated compared to the conventional approach to sales.

Personalization can be achieved through quizzes not only through the leads generated through email but also through product recommendations included in the quizzes themselves. This helps in marketing to a specific target audience based on the product recommendations chosen on the quiz. This invariably leads to more sales. Quizzes as a content marketing strategy have been used by million-dollar companies to boost sales over the years.


Helps in Targeting & Retargeting the Right Set of People

Quizzes help in mapping client profiles to create a consumer demographic to understand how to target the audience better. This mapping aids in retargeting the specific audience demographic for higher ROIs.

Since the format of quizzes used for lead generation varies from knowledge-based to personality quizzes, companies can use all those data to map and target the audience in a specific manner. Each format of quiz helps in achieving a particular goal and hence targeting a definitive audience effectively. Thus quizzes lead to a steady increase in traffic aided by the targeting by companies.



How to Use Quizzes for Lead Generation

Generating leads is what lead magnets are for and we have collected the most important pointers. There are also some points to keep in mind while using quizzes which have been covered in the section below.

Create a catchy title

The number one way to ensure a potential client would want to take your quiz is through the first impression through your title. The prosperity of your marketing campaign through quizzes depends entirely on the title you have chosen for the quiz. In order to capture the attention of the potential lead a captivating but relevant title is a must.


Keep the content of the quiz relevant and crisp

It is easy to lose the relevance of the quiz in the process of making it fun and engaging. The content of the quiz should be relevant to both your niche as well the product. The content should also be tailored to benefit both your brand as well as the end-user to make it a successful marketing tool. A good quiz will ideally provide the necessary results in a short period.

Keep the questions of the quiz short and precise. No potential lead would want to attend a quiz which is long and time-consuming and a waste of their time. Pack relevant content with engaging composition to get the best out of quizzes. The use of images is another way to make quizzes more attractive and engaging.


Format of the signup form

The signup or subscribe form at the end of each quiz is the most important aspect of the whole campaign. Ensure the form has the necessary information in a concise manner. It is also important to ensure that the customer gains information only after submitting their contact details and not before.

A good practice would be to incorporate disclosure of limited information immediately after the quiz and full after signup or subscription.

Choose the relevant type of quiz

There are many quiz formats that can be used. Choosing the appropriate format suiting your needs will help in getting sorted leads in the particular niche you are keen on. Some examples of quiz types are personality quizzes, assessment types, scoring types, and of course trivia or knowledge-based. Choosing the right format will aid in generating leads tailored to your marketing needs.



Quizzes can be coupled with other content marketing strategies to provide a solid base for lead generation. Engaging and interactive content will generate more fresh leads than passive content hands-down. Quizzes are one such way to juice out the creativity of your brand and use them for optimum lead generation.

Even though quizzes are engaging, they may not always be the ideal method for lead generation. Quizzes are more of an attention-grabbing technique than a reliable source of lead generation. Keeping this point in mind, the use of quizzes can be a beneficial lead magnet when combined with more marketing strategies and not a stand-alone.