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Do you stand out?

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone any longer that a well produced website is an essential part of any corporation – big as small. The same goes for a through content strategy, and all of it should be focused on the right keywords relevant. And in most cases at least one part is in place, but the gains in one area can easily be eliminated by gaps in another. And in that case there is only one winner – your competitors. Read more about the services we offer to combat this scenario and ensure your corporation becomes a text book example of how it should be done!

  • SEO strategy
  • Keyword strategy
  • Existing keyword profile
  • Potential keyword additions
  • Competitor keywords
  • Domain ranking
  • Mobile optimization
  • Fast loading
  • Content strategy
  • Tracking & Heatmap
  • CRM Integration
  • Understand user behaviour


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    Do you rank high enough?

    Seo & Keyword analysis

    Ranking high on Google, Bing etc. is no easy task, and takes a coordinated effort to climb up the ladder and maintain a strong position. Secondarily, it’s also important to look at your competitors to understand what they rank better on, and why they do it. And ultimately you want to make sure that your company is shown high up in the right searches either with organic positioning or paid adverts.


    Who needs a keyword analysis?

    The vast majority of websites are built from a pragmatic point of view, a presentation of the company and products. Perhaps a blog with relevant articles. And although this is great in one aspect, its often suboptimal in terms of SEO and keyword relevance. Meaning the well thought through and perfectly written site, does not benefit organic positioning, so less people will find it and the number of new leads does not increase. This is naturally an issue for most corporations, as the website is an important source of new clients and upsell to existing ones.

    We often see that the magnitude of having a weak SEO profile being very surprising to our clients. Increases in traffic of more than 50% over a 6 month period is not unusual, and makes a substantial impact. Especially since the organic traffic is demand driven, the visitors are actively looking for a service your organization provides.


    What’s included?

    The analysis covers all aspects of your online presence and will contain information about

    • SEO strategy
    • Keyword strategy
    • Existing keyword profile
    • Potential keyword additions
    • Competitor keywords
    • Domain ranking


    Audit Your Website’s SEO Now!
    Direction is essential

    Content strategy

    Creating content always serves a purpose, at least it should. Often the purpose is influenced by a number of different interests such as branding, sales, product information industry news etc. And often the red thread is either forgotten or so deeply buried that it is almost impossible to find. And that is an issue, not for the employees, but for the potential new clients and for the ranking online.


    The red string

    When different content pieces doesn’t support each other, and one leading to another, your organization are missing out on vital opportunities. Both in terms of reach, but also in terms of amplifying the effect of the content created. A content strategy helps to clearly define what needs to be created, why it should and when it should be promoted. In conjunction with a strong SEO strategy you will have all the best cards on your hands, to win over new clients and impress existing clients.

    A good content strategy benefits any organization that plans on producing SoMe posts, blogs, whitepapers, e-books – anything that can be published. The strategy will nudge the departments to consider why they produce the content and how to use it not only for one occasion, but various occasions and multiple platforms. In the end this will help amplify the reach and increase ROI of the content production. Our content strategies are always adjusted to suit the goals, the creative budget, and the capacity to produce material in-house.


    What’s included?

    When creating a content strategy we will cover all areas of the public communication of your organization

    • Must have content
    • Should have content
    • Social Media posts
    • Blogs
    • Product information
    • Whitepaper/e-book


    Knowledge is power

    Tracking & Integration

    The times where CRM, user behavior and web were separate entities are long gone. It is vital that information about website visitors, form submits, chat logs etc. are stored automatically in the CRM system. If it doesn’t happen automatically you are hurting the efficiency, and you will not benefit from the countless possibilities of automation and tracking. Additionally, integration with analytics tools will help you understand your clients better and foresee in which direction you should develop the organization. Often the insights based on your visitors action on your web can be directly transferred to what works in sales situations.


    Opportunities everywhere!

    Imagine your sales staff being notified when a client repeatedly visits a product page, or knowing exactly what kind of news each customer group prefers. To that, add automated process’s whenever a new visitors signs up for a demo, downloads a brochure or takes any other action on your site. There are various stages of integration between a website and CRM, from the simple form fill to complete behavior tracking and using automation and AI to analyze and react based on actions. Some parts are easy to implement, others more complex – everybody however will benefit from integration and it will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

    Seemless integration

    Integrating a website with a CRM or analysis tool is really the land of opportunities – everything is possible. It takes minimal involvement on your side and are usually in place within weeks so focus can shift towards exploring possibilities.


    Popular integrations

    • Form submits to CRM
    • Client behaviour analysis
    • Visitor behaviour analysis
    • Predictive content
    • Chat log synchronisation
    • Front-end database access
    • Dedicated client area


    Notice me please!


    Is your website making an impression?And the right kind of impression? Your site says a lot about your organization and can easily be the difference between many new clients and some new clients. And it is not easy to get right, when its necessary to promote services, maintain your brand identity, target the right audience, and make it all look good. On top of that, performance in terms of speed, usability and mobile responsiveness needs to be taken into consideration. When done right, you have a lean generator and promotional asset in one!


    “It’s great!”

    Asking your graphic designer, the site is a masterpiece, the sales team thinks it can be improved, the marketing team have improvements and IT says it’s outdated. So who to listen to? Often a better option is to get an independent evaluation which factors in all business areas and eventualities.

    Platform independence

    It doesn’t matter if your site is built in Marketo, Hubspot, Dynamics, wordpress or something else – we can help with any kind of optimization, redesign, and advice. Framework gets outdated and sometimes it’s more efficient to build a new site using the latest technologies.


    What we do

    Advisory / optimization / new-build

    • Design
    • Usability
    • Performance desktop/mobile
    • Ability to sell
    • Brand portrayal
    • Competitor comparison