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resultsdriven. The meaning of the word is clear, but what do we actually mean with it, and why did we choose this as our name? What started as information sharing between professionals, about ways to optimize and deliver, developed into the dream of an agency. An agency where best practice was based on data, experience and the latest trends – not just on what would sell well. An agency where we would have the tools to squeeze as much performance as possible out of each campaign and deliver results for our clients they wouldn’t see anywhere else. With time, resultsdriven was created, built on pillars of performance and efficiency.

We are based in Kiev, but as you would expect our teams are all based in remote locations, because, why not 🙂

Honesty and transparency are crucial parts of any company, including resultsdriven. In an industry that often are based on ideas, feelings, and difficult to measure metrics, we want to provide those metrics. We don’t want to second-guess, but rather base our ideas on data, experience, knowledge, and measurable assumptions.

We seek to provide transparent advertising campaigns, delivering the results needed. Utilizing the latest technology, to your advantage and operating with an agile and scalable organization.

In reality it's simple, we succeed, when you succeed. To achieve success there are many variables which all need to be aligned to guarantee that. Campaign goals, expectations, costs, production, run-time, ad-spend are just some of them. We put a lot of effort into defining the range of each variable, and what can affect them, to help reach the goals without surprises. For the same reason we also provide you with your own dashboard where you can find all details about our project. Contact info, offers, agreements, production plan and a complete overview of all campaign metrics with live data. Like that, you stay as informed as us and have access to all metrics 24/7!
A resultsdriven approach
Working with us

Broad international experience

  • We have worked with organisations across Europe and carried out a wealth of campaigns in and outside of Europe



  • Our key staff speaks more than 10 languages, and in most cases can manage campaigns in your preferred language.

Platform independent

  • We operate on all available platforms such as Meta, Linkedin, Google and several display networks.


Performance transparency

  • Numbers tell the truth, and we want you to have the truth. This is why we are fully transparent what happens in your campaign, and always benchmark it against 3+ similar campaigns.
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