As the technology-driven world is changing rapidly, sales companies are struggling to stand out. Growth marketing is a proven marketing method that marketing managers for sales companies can use to ramp up sales. It’s a way to connect with existing and potential customers to improve AOV (Average Order Value) while reinforcing UVP (Unique Value Proposition). Therefore, developing sales growth marketing strategies that are engaging, creative, and beneficial for customers and businesses is inevitable. Read on to get top sales growth marketing tips that marketers can use in 2023 to unlock significant growth.


Focus on the social media channels your customers use most

Social media is among the most essential sales growth marketing strategies. According to 42% of millennials and 50% of Gen Z, social media platforms are the most relevant advertising channel, while 54% of social browsers use them to research products. Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer the most precise targeting. Targeting lookalike audiences is an effective way for businesses to scale. Marketers just need to upload a customer email list and target behaviourally and demographically similar people.

However, while targeting lookalike audiences to produce reliable ROI, marketers run the risk of data bias by constantly converting similar audiences. Thus, test wider audiences to determine which people can convert. One tip for testing is to target people, who’ve gone through certain life events recently – marriage/engagement, graduating/starting college, moving/buying a home, etc. Major life events usually trigger new buying behaviour; such audiences will be a gold mine.



Use the power of guest posting

Sales companies can use guest blogging to drive significant traffic and boost online sales. You can reach a new audience, improve your online presence, and also generate more leads and sales by publishing regular guest posts on popular websites. Moreover, it’s crucial to write a strong outreach email if you want to win guest posts on popular blogs. The ideal approach to composing your outreach email for a guest post is to be genuine, concise, and informative.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to tailor your email and make it as pertinent to the blog you’re aiming for as possible when submitting a guest post proposal. Introduce yourself, discuss why you want to write for the blog, and include a few writing samples in your email. Additionally, you want to explain why you believe your piece will be a worthwhile addition to the blog’s content.



Reach customers at the right time through PPC and paid search

Alongside social media advertising, paid search is the next must-have sales growth marketing tactic. The challenge of paid advertising is to get in front of a potential audience at the moment they’re making a decision. It doesn’t get easier than bidding for the top position when someone is searching for something where your offering is a solution.

It’s recommended for marketing managers of sales companies use high-intent search keywords. It may seem tempting to include business-associated phrases, but it can rapidly burn through the entire ad budget. For instance, if a company sells custom jewelry, marketing bidding for the word “jewelry” won’t bring qualified traffic. The audience may be in the research phase of their purchasing journey. However, bidding for the phrase “buy custom jewelry online” can bring high-intent traffic as the audience is clearly wanting to purchase. Click here to learn the top benefits of growth marketing.



Integrate a live chat option to increase trust

Sales companies that add live chat functionalities to their business website boost sales by engaging with customers and answering any questions they may have. This allows the audience to ask questions to get help with their real-time purchases which ultimately increases trust. Besides that, live chat helps marketers get customer feedback right after they’ve solved their issue – which is simpler for marketers than an email survey or follow-up phone call.

Moreover, when a customer adds things to their online shopping cart but doesn’t finish the transaction, this is known as cart abandonment. This may occur for a variety of reasons, including customer distraction, difficulty finding what they’re looking for, or issues with the purchasing process. By retaining visitors to your website and offering them immediate support as they shop, live chat can help decrease cart abandonment. You must offer this because 57% of customers will remove items from their shopping carts if they can’t immediately get their questions answered.

Live chat can also add an added layer of personalization, which might be exactly what a customer needs to be persuaded to convert. Consider a scenario where a customer is submitting their delivery information but becomes confused by the various shipping alternatives. A brief live chat reply clarifies the situation, allowing the consumer to finish their purchase without any further problems. In this case, the customer might not have completed the purchase if live chat weren’t available.



Leverage customers through referral marketing

The history of sales growth marketing is filled with examples of businesses that achieved desired growth through referral marketing. Similar to going viral, referrals lead to more referrals, driving significant growth that compounds gradually with minimal or no additional resources or work. For instance, Robinhood offers free stock to new and existing customers. Seamless provides purchase credits to you and the one you invite. The fact that the rewards are directly linked to the user base is one of the reasons these examples are so powerful. Offering free stock is will be highly coveted because everyone on Robinhood wants to create an investment portfolio (they also benefit from the fact that the real stock isn’t known in advance, producing a variable reward). Besides that, Seamless is a platform where people actively spend money. Providing monetary credits is such an organic and natural fit that it doesn’t seem like marketing.

Another reason the above-discussed examples are effective is that the rewards’ real cost is minimal to the sales companies. Because their app is so simple and useful, Seamless is willing to accept a little loss on the first purchase because they are aware that it will become a regular part of a customer’s routine. However, Robinhood must pay some upfront expenses because they must purchase and give real stock. But when compared to the anticipated CAC of using sponsored advertisements to get someone through the entire acquisition funnel, the cost of that is actually quite low.



Never forget affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proven sales growth marketing strategy for sales companies to expand their reach and sales by connecting businesses with individuals who can promote their offerings. Although influencers are disliked by many consumers, their effectiveness cannot be disputed as influencer marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry. While there’re networks that can help enterprises connect with relevant influencers, the best approach is to identify well-known figures in your industry and make direct connections with them. While some influencers work quite similarly to the marketing tools like ClickBank (earning commissions for each item sold), others prefer free products, while some require a flat fee for advertising. When choosing how and with whom to work in the influencer industry, keep in mind that influencers demand a little more of a personal touch.



Utilize video marketing

A great technique to increase interest in and investment in what you have to offer is through video marketing. It is well-liked across industries, and 93% of marketers list it as a crucial component of their marketing plan. Video marketing has clear advantages. It’s a digestible type of communication; viewers of videos can typically process the main selling points with little effort. It is also quite adaptable. Depending on your broader objectives, videos of various lengths and topics are conceivable.

Videos have gained new life thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, which has also strengthened the case for sales growth marketing more generally. Email marketing and lengthy sales pages are difficult to use on mobile screens. Marketing must change because mobile devices are here to stay. Thus, a successful technique for growth marketing is video marketing.

Furthermore, video isn’t the only form of growth marketing, of course. A video could be taken and edited for a totally different format. A company might, for instance, turn the audio from a video into a podcast episode. With innovative formats like 360° videos, Video marketing is lucrative and versatile as a sales growth marketing path.


Wrapping up

Sales growth marketing strategies sometimes seem like a double-edged sword. Multiple emerging trends to follow may feel overwhelming if you’re only trying to increase conversion rates. But, it also indicates that you can try plenty of different things. If you’re eager to embrace sales growth marketing, take things slowly at first. Have defined growth targets and goals you feel you can meet. Start with a modest spending limit and a few complimentary tactics.

Whatever the marketing budget is, the above-mentioned tips can help marketing managers of sales companies drive and convert potential traffic. These tactics can help you make informed decisions as growth marketing is a data-driven approach. If you know of other tweaks, let us know in the comment section. Your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated.

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