Technological innovations, especially Artificial Intelligence, show how simple it is to develop advanced solutions and achieve higher operational efficiency while improving the overall customer experience. Marketing teams across the globe are quickly jumping onto the trend and using AI-based strategies to learn more about their target audiences, gather highly-informative insights, and optimize the entire campaign process to generate more conversions. In this post, we will help you understand the benefits of AI marketing and show how crucial it is for your business’s success. Let’s get started!


What is the benefits of AI-based marketing?

Marketers know that there’s already a lot on the plate when it comes to running a marketing campaign. Therefore, we need to develop solutions that help make highly intelligent decisions based on in-depth and reliable data collection and analysis. Such solutions tend to improve the marketer’s understanding of its target audience and sharpen the campaign’s communication with potential customers. Artificial Intelligence is one solution that helps modern-day marketers achieve effortless marketing perfection — serving tailored messages to the right audience at the right time, with very little human intervention. This, in return, maximizes efficiency without burdening the marketing team.

What are the different functions of AI marketing?

Now that we understand the benefits of Artificial Intelligence a little better, it’s time to dive deeper and learn about the different simple and complex marketing functions AI can help marketers perform. Let’s jump in, shall we?


1. AI-powered PPC advertising

Companies that have to manage large-scale PPC campaigns should use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to ease the process of optimization, copywriting, audience targeting, and bidding. Several Artificial Intelligence solutions on the market allow advertisers to test different ad platforms, use optimum targeting, and generate massive ad delivery optimization. While your competition might still be using an in-house marketing team or PPC agency, you can use Artificial Intelligence and uncover a plethora of advertising channels. You can read more about paid media AI optimisation in this article. We highly recommend you apply this approach to your omnichannel PPC campaigns and consolidate in-depth campaign data. If you are new to AI marketing, you should hire AI marketing agencies and allocate your PPC budget accordingly.



2. AI-driven content creation

Content, especially in natural language, holds a strong place in any online marketing campaign. AI-generated narration is an extremely unique way of making the work process of content creators more efficient. Artificial Intelligence can create or read profit and loss summaries, quarterly business reports, sports game recaps, hotel descriptions, real-time stock insights, and more with simple rule sets and algorithms. However, you can make Artificial Intelligence follow the brand guidelines by tweaking the rule sets and formats, which further helps serve the best content to the target audience. Moreover, AI-based marketing allows marketers to stay in touch with the latest social media content and trends their target audience is more likely to engage with. Check here for more info on AI powered content creation.





3. Email marketing content curation

Email marketing, although an orthodox marketing medium, is getting stronger by each day. And AI is helping marketers make the most of it. Gone are the days when marketing teams had to spend countless hours compiling and scheduling the weekly emails and making sure the content matches the customer segments. Unfortunately, regardless of how smartly you segment the customer groups, you can’t achieve the set standards of personalization. AI algorithms are masters at mapping a subscriber’s journey on your site or through a marketing campaign. The data based on previous website interactions, previously read content, time spent on a page, interactions with branded emails, etc. can help AI to create one-on-one personalized emails.



4. Generating in-depth customer insights

AI algorithms can efficiently read customers’ behavioural patterns and use the data to generate invaluable customer insights. We humans will take forever to generate such data and crunch the numbers to come up with practical insights. With AI, marketers are able to create customer personas based on data points such as referral sources, on-site interactions, geo-specific events, psychographic factors, purchase behaviours, past communication, and more. You can automatically include or exclude customer segments from marketing campaigns using Artificial Intelligence and create better matches to deliver personalized experiences. In other words, AI-based marketing will allow you to show the most relevant products, services, or content to the target audience and boost your sales.



5. Automated image recognition

AI and machine learning have become quite powerful and efficient at recognizing people’s faces through images. The accuracy with which the technology recognizes people is out of this world — over 99 percent! How can marketers make the most of this? Well, image recognition can help sync customers’ store visits and online content. Most AI marketing agencies help brands develop campaigns that link content and customers’ in-store visits, and couple it with AI-driven push notifications. Moreover, in-store facial recognition helps strengthen the customer experience, develop better content, and deliver one-on-one messaging. 



6. Develop a predictive marketing model

Marketers know how challenging it is to identify the disengaged customer segments and revive them to generate more revenue. These are customers that are on the edge of leaving you for the competitors. AI marketing agencies can quickly use machine-learning algorithms to build a predictive model of marketing and find where a customer is in the buyer journey. The algorithms gather data to figure out the stage of churning and help marketers double down on late-churn customers while trying to re-engage the quick-churn ones. This is an excellent way to keep more of your customers engaged and generate higher profits.



7. Generate intelligent marketing chatbots

Brands took no time to jump onto the chatbot bandwagon and reap the benefits of providing borderline magic customer support. Chatbots are essentially AI-driven programs that can collect and access millions of customer-centered data points. As more and more people interact with the chatbot, it tends to become more efficient at predicting what’s causing the issues, detecting patterns, and spotting repetitive problems. It can hold and apply more information than any of your customer service reps can. We highly recommend using Artificial Intelligence chatbots as these even help with generating better content and reaching the next level of personalized content marketing.





8. CRO and personalized customer experiences

Lastly, Artificial Intelligence marketing agencies have the key to personalizing the website experiences, push notifications, and marketing campaigns to enhance the overall customer experience. The algorithms have access to hundreds of data points about each user entering the customer life cycle. Several AI-powered solutions help brands to recognize and regulate the data flow through Google Analytics and generate insightful reports — allowing brands to keep their sites up and running while addressing the anomalies. Not just that, AI-based marketing helps deliver conversion rate optimization across all your online marketing campaigns by addressing the collected data points and performance metrics, running highly effective split tests, and applying the results in real-time.



But, why do you need AI marketing in 2023?

There are several reasons why we recommend you hire AI marketing agencies to run your upcoming marketing campaigns. Here are a few you should consider.


  • It significantly reduces marketing costs while boosting ROI. With Artificial Intelligence, you can rest assured that you will not run out of marketing budget, or at least, not waste away your hard-earned money on ineffective campaigns. AI gives you the best shot at generating the highest ROI.


  • AI ensures refined content delivery across social media and helps increase engagements. The algorithms track the customers’ preferences and behaviours, collect audience analytics, and incorporate them to generate better results.


  • It eases content-related decision-making as marketers have definite answers to what content to create and when to publish. It helps streamline the content marketing process, i.e., content creation and distribution and takes over tasks like identifying the top performing content, planning future content, repurposing content, and ensuring optimum content distribution.

  • AI helps throw guesswork out of the window and develop data-driven marketing campaigns. Couple AI with predictive analysis, and you have a perfect tool to stay close to your potential and existing customers. Track the user throughout the buyer journey using Artificial Intelligence and take optimum action.


  • Lastly, machine learning and artificial intelligence help brands develop better customer-business relationships. Artificial Intelligence keeps learning more and more about the customers and uses the information to improve customer experience — all this without having to be programmed. 



Final thoughts!

AI is growing, and the advancements will only support your future marketing campaigns. AI’s simple and complex functions can help marketing teams boost productivity, ROI, efficiency, and other performance standards to unlock your true potential. We highly recommend introducing Artificial Intelligence to your existing marketing campaigns and keeping your brand ahead of the competition. However, it is crucial that you consult AI marketing professionals to take steps in the right direction towards an AI-powered future. Learn more about AI marketing here, and connect with our friendly AI marketing experts and we’ll help you use the technology to crush your revenue goals this year!