Which are the top ten AI companies in the world? Have you ever thought about the companies that lead in AI-powered innovations? What do these companies do differently than others? Why are they always in demand? In this post, we have shortlisted the best Artificial Intelligence service providers in the world that happen to serve medium and large businesses based in Europe! These service providers have developed solutions for automated customer service, to predictive sales forecasting, to major healthcare innovations. Let’s cut to the chase and learn more about the top ten AI companies in the world, shall we?



1. DeepMind

A subsidiary of Alphabet, DeepMind has its headquarters in London and serves companies around the globe. It’s essentially an Artificial Intelligence research and development company that develops AI solutions, especially in the healthcare sector. Founded in 2010, DeepMind provides companies with solutions that can help improve human efficiency across different tasks. The company has developed WaveNet voice technology, which also drives technology like Google Assistant and the Google Cloud Platform. Another tool worth mentioning here is AlphaFold, which effectively reads through the 3D models of protein structures! Some of the recent ML solutions it developed require minimum supervision given how robust they are. The company was acquired by Google in 2014 for $500 million.


2. C3.ai

Companies looking for enterprise-level AI solutions will find C3.ai quite useful. C3.ai has offices across North America and serves businesses across the world. The AI service provider is known for developing AI solutions that facilitate data consolidation, predictive marketing, AI model development, and execution of customized AI applications. Founded in 2009, the company has been leading the AI and machine learning industry as it offers an end-to-end AI application development platform. Its model-driven architecture allows professionals, especially data scientists, to use a no-code AI development platform, also known as C3 AI Ex Machina. Not just that, C3.ai has a plethora of pre-built AI apps that companies in industries like manufacturing, finance, and the public sector can use to improve supply chain management. C3.ai will help you implement digital maturity at all levels with its state-of-art SaaS models.


3. H2O.ai

A major AI cloud platform provider, H2O.ai finds its headquarters in Mountain View and serves enterprises worldwide. It mainly provides companies with a cloud platform that uses AI-driven pre-built models and ensures low-code development. Enterprises can make the most of its ready-to-use app store as their core service. Funded by large banks like the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Goldman Sachs. H2O.ai has hit an estimated annual revenue of $47.4 million and is still in the funding stage to potentially raise $100 million! The core services offered at H2O.ai are an AI cloud platform, Feature Store, and a ready-to-implement AI tool. These Artificial Intelligence solutions allow companies to develop AI models and apps through autoML capabilities. You can make H2O.ai develop tools for document management to extract content, classify documents, and more.



Here’s an AI service provider that focuses entirely on data-driven operations. NICE has its headquarters in Ra’anana, Israel, and offices across Europe and the Middle East. The company helps with customer relationship management primarily by optimizing the contact centers, using predictive decision-making, and helping companies learn more about their customers. The recently launched Enlighten AI is a tool you’d want to try as it allows instant automation of everyday customer-facing tasks. The AI services include CXone SmartReach, a conversational AI system that allows companies to interact with customers quickly and effectively. It fosters proactive customer engagement and helps customers dive deeper into their buyer journey. Not just that, NICE has several AI and ML-driven solutions that offer customer experience analytics — helping companies determine the areas of improvement, opportunities, and customer pain points.


5. OpenAI

Open AI is another AI service provider that develops Artificial Intelligence models via open-source APIs. It is essentially a for-profit company and a part of the parent company OpenAI INC. It was founded by Elon Musk, Samuel H. Altman, Greg Brockman, and several other AI professionals. OpenAI generates annual revenue of $27.4 million and provides AI-driven technologies that can help with popular language analysis and applications such as Duolingo. Companies can use the Artificial Intelligence solution to translate natural languages into code. An emerging application of OpenAI is intelligent copywriting. It can create copywriting tools, conduct text classification and translation, and solve other natural language-related business problems. The free and open-source AI models can help companies with scalability and achieve higher accuracy.


6. SenseTime

SenseTime is essentially a research-driven AI service provider that even partners with governments across nations. Advanced computer vision helps companies improve their efficiency and overall productivity. SenseTime is also behind major AI-driven smart city projects. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong and serves enterprises across the globe. The AI technologies built at SenseTime are quite useful for running major business operations, smart cities, smart homes, and even smart cars! The solutions are primarily built on the SenseCore universal AI infrastructure that facilitates deep learning. It can even help with content generation and enhancement.


7. IBM

Ever heard of Watson? It’s IBM’s proprietary AI engine that companies use to develop both research and commercial products. IBM has its headquarters in New York, U.S., and serves enterprises in almost all countries. This AI service provider offers AI solutions to help companies improve decision-making and language processing, and implement automation for intelligent task completion. Although Watson was originally designed to compete with humans in gaming, the AI engine now allows enterprises to boost their workflows across HR, finance, and supply chain. IBM reported an annual revenue of $73.6 billion for 2020. Recently, IBM partnered with MIT to produce better AI solutions for companies in industries like healthcare, finance research, and security. The pre-built Watson applications help manage advertising and other business operations. Most importantly, IBM’s Watson was the first-ever AI solution that could deliver natural language processing.


8. Amazon

With 235 offices around the world and counting, Amazon easily makes it to the top ten list of biggest AI providers on the globe. Amazon is known for developing AI solutions that facilitate voice recognition and cloud-based machine learning. Amazon’s customers leverage the core AI services like machine learning on the Amazon Web Services cloud that helps build custom AI solutions. Amazon’s SageMaker allows companies to develop a scalable and agile framework through machine learning. Another popular AI service is Amazon Lex, which helps companies create conversational AI tools, especially to develop robust chatbots. The best thing about using Amazon’s solutions is their capacity of assuring proven outcomes. The solutions are specifically designed for scale and companies new to AI can make the most of Amazon’s pre-built ML solutions through SageMaker.


9. Meta

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta offers AI services and products to companies across the world. It has its headquarters in the U.S. and offices in over 80 countries. Meta researches and develops Artificial Intelligence solutions that can take immersive technologies and social media to the next level. The AI service provider has several AI initiatives for companies that are new to Artificial Intelligence. The solutions can help facilitate naturalized interactions in VR environments and even allow content companies to detect harmful content. Meta recently launched an AI supercomputer that can potentially function through hundreds of languages, boost the metaverse, and develop AR tools. Companies should use Meta’s AI services like AI-based face recognition, use Oculus to create more realistic AR and VR interactions, and implement Linformer, an AI algorithm for improved hate speech recognition.


10. Salesforce

This AI service provider is known for helping companies implement customer relationship management. Salesforce is based in the U.S. and offers its services across the globe. The intelligent CRM is essentially an embedded layer of intelligence provided along with the Salesforce platform. It is powered by an Einstein AI engine. Salesforce reported an annual revenue of $21.3 billion in 2021. The AI solutions help simplify everyday CRM tasks and introduce AI capabilities to business operations. Companies can implement image recognition, intent analysis, and sentiment using just a single line of code!



The demand for Artificial Intelligence technologies is at an all-time high. Companies in Europe are gradually increasing their reliance on automation technologies to improve their efficiency and overall productivity. The AI companies mentioned in the post are leading the breakthrough AI innovations and providing businesses in Europe with practical applications of AI to solve their more urgent business problems. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!