Marketing automation


When and How Often Should You Send Out Email Newsletters?

In the previous posts, we took care of marketing automation and helped you understand why it’s crucial for your online marketing strategy. But, marketing automation is software that works when you input the right information. While you can create the best drip campaigns and nail your content strategy, you will achieve successful results only when you push the emails at the right time. In other words, timing is everything when it comes to executing an email marketing campaign. In this post, we will discuss why you should care about your email marketing frequency and how often you should email an…


Why Marketing Automation is a must in 2022!

Marketing managers already have a huge list of tasks cut out for them. Therefore, it is vital to free themselves from repetitive tasks and focus on tasks that help their organisations pump up profits. Most importantly, the focus should be on automating the tasks to their advantage. That’s precisely where marketing automation comes to the rescue. In this guide, we will discuss everything about marketing automation and understand why it is imperative for companies to leverage this technological advancement. Let’s get started!   What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is essentially the use of software to automate certain marketing-related tasks…