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It probably doesn’t surprise anyone any longer that a well produced website is an essential part of any corporation – big as small. The same goes for a through content strategy, and all of it should be focused on the right keywords relevant. And in most cases at least one part is in place, but the gains in one area can easily be eliminated by gaps in another. And in that case there is only one winner – your competitors. Read more about the services we offer to combat this scenario and ensure your corporation becomes a text book example of how it should be done!

  • Account based marketing campaign (ABM)
  • Lead generation campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Webinar promotion
  • Podcast promotion
  • Whitepaper
  • E-Book production


  • Ad production
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Instagram campaigns
  • Google search campaigns
  • Google display campaigns
  • Bing campaigns
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    Who are you again?


    Making sure your target audience and potential clients are aware of your existence greatly increases the chance of them considering your products. There are various degrees of knowledge though, from recognition of the name due to coincidences, to a full understanding of what a brand provides and their values. If your target audience are aware of your existence, but nothing more, you stand weak against your competition, irrespectively of your product offering.


    Brand knowledge

    Before any branding campaign, the initial approach should always be a thorough assessment of the current brand knowledge among the target audience, as the campaign needs to be aligned with this. Some companies carry out this kind of survey on a regular basis, others less, but it is advisable to do since they output very valuable information. One size rarely fits all, and it’s important to understand the relationship between the message sent and the message understood. Promoting your brand in the wrong light, or the wrong places can be a costly mistake, and one you want to avoid.

    Brand awareness

    Campaigns with a strong focus on building brand recognition among the target audience, transmitting company values in a rememberable and sincere way and make company name and logo known. It can be a short lived burst campaign as a lead up to an event or leadgen campaign, or it can be structured as an ongoing campaign to strengthen the market position.


    Product focused brand awareness

    When introducing a new product series, or updating current offerings it is often in your company’s interest to communicate this to the target audience, even without a strong CTA. In these cases it can work well with a branding campaign which focuses equally on your brand and one or more products.



    Your organization is already known for something great, but you want to either change or add more to it. And it is necessary that your existing target audience become aware of this, and expands into new areas. The solution is a rebranding campaign to change the perception of your brand, its values, products, management etc.

    Reach the chosen ones

    Account Based Marketing

    Account based marketing is a highly valuable campaign type, which often provides high ROI when carried out under the right circumstances. It is not a simple task and necessitates a deep understanding of your ideal buyer persona and some knowledge about the inner structure of the accounts. With that in hand we are able to tailor very specific campaigns aimed at just one goal – win the account(s). There are a few different subtypes we normally operate with, depending on the size of the account list.



    When you just have that one client that is so ever important and offer a multitude of potential deals. A great benefit lies in the ability to create deliverables pinpointed towards not only their industry, but their actual products, organization, branches etc. This type of campaign can be carried out both as long term, slow burning campaign, one off campaign or a recurring burst campaign. They can be used both as a supporting element to the work of the sales reps, or as a stand-alone effort, creating SQL’s for the reps.


    The most popular type of campaign, aimed at 2-50 named accounts, all sharing certain elements such as industry, Product need, geographical location etc. Often it is recommended to split a large list into smaller, and more specific lists in order to fully exploit the benefits of an ABM campaign. This type of campaign is our most popular format and is often a good compromise for most companies. Campaign intensity and weight can be adjusted according to average order value to ensure a high ROI. Typically, we execute these campaigns as a lead generating campaign, however they are also useful to support existing sales efforts and brand activities.



    This type of campaign is a crossover between a traditional campaign and an ABM campaign. It is run towards 50-500 named accounts, and naturally is less targeted than the typical ABM campaign, but some similarities exist between the accounts. This is often an efficient way of advertising when the AOV is on the lower side, or knowledge about each account is limited. Often this type of campaign serves both as leadgen and branding campaign, and in general can be adjusted to the results you are looking for.

    Need more clients?

    Lead Generation

    The demand for new leads is something most organisations are familiar with. To bolster the customer base, to expand, to increase earnings and so on. For any of the above a lead generating campaign fits the purpose, and can deliver outstanding ROI. Executed wrongly it can also deliver non-existing ROI, and professional support pays off in at least 9 out of 10 cases. There are many variables which affect leadgen campaigns and some of them should be considered in the initial phase of a campaign

    Offering – Is your offering unique? It is vital for the results that what is being offered is attractive to the target audience. If your offering is ordinary easily obtained elsewhere, the conversions will show it!

    CTA – When the visitor is swayed with your unique offering, the Click To Action is what brings them over the line. It should match the offering, and be attractive. “Get more info” often fall flat, whereas “try for free” or “test it now” will give a better result.

    Brand awareness – Does the target audience know your brand? An unknown brand will face a more difficult path to lead generation, compared to a more well known brand.

    What about ROI?

    So, what to expect when running a leadgen campaign? What will be the cost per lead? And what about the conversion rate on the landing page? Or leadgen form on LinkedIn? All valid questions which are difficult to answer without detailed knowledge about your organization, the product, the offering, and the target audience. With this information however, combined with our extensive experience, we provide an estimate which normally land within 20% of the actual results.


    Good leadmagnets

    • Unique opportunity – Something complete irresistible and often time limited. Drives urgency and makes the visitor feel special
    • Discount – The classic that always works. Who doesn’t want to save money?
    • Trial – For products where a trial is applicable it is often the most efficient lead magnet
    • Demo – Can be of the product features, how it works, or how it will benefit the client
    • Downloads – Can work really will for unique, quality content