Landing Pages

What is the difference between a pillar page and a landing page

Pillar page vs landing page – what’s the difference? The search engine mechanisms are improvement initiatives that tackle users’ behavior and intentions. But when was the last time you examined your content marketing strategy in the context of this shift? Have you reviewed and analyzed the structure and information shared across your site’s different parts? Identifying the relationship between landing and pillar pages will help you determine how to capture, engage, and satisfy website users. When it came to marketing content in 2006, the internet was a uniquely competitive industry. Composing 350-word blog entries with the proper mixture of links…

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How to Measure Landing Page Performance?

So, your landing page is live and you want to know how it performs, right? Well, you have landed just on the right page as we will discuss all the necessary performance metrics you should be focusing on at the moment. We assume that you have coupled your website and landing pages with Google Analytics, as it generates all the useful performance-related information and well, it’s free to use. Let’s dive into the content and discuss the different performance metrics that help measure the impact of a landing page on a marketing campaign.   Landing page views The fundamental performance…

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How landing pages help companies boost revenue in 2022

Grab some coffee because, in the next five minutes, we will show how you can unlock a business’s potential and generate more revenue through the internet. Indeed, marketing managers spend countless hours perfecting the homepage of their organization’s website. But their quest to have appealing visuals, copy, calls-to-action, and overall quality ‘first impression’ only takes the company so far. While you’d want to reflect the corporate side of the business on it, we believe that a resource as critical as a website is useless if it is incapable of boosting conversions. If generating leads and increasing business revenue is your…

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