Is your organisation also wasting 20-40% of the adbudget?

Poorly optimised campaigns eat away your money – unnoticed

Money lost = less results

After analysing more than 500 LinkedIn campaigns throughout Europe it’s clear that more often than not, adspend goes to target audience outside the intended. While the average loss was around 33%, we saw campaigns with up to 50% loss. Does this happen to everyone you ask yourself, and the answer is yes!


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    Do you recognise these errors?

    Low quality leads

    What you experience: A high number of impressions, clicks, and conversions but the leads are low quality

    Reason: More often than not we see very generic audiences, which is good for audience size, but bad for performance. On top of that, LinkedIn increases audience size based of various algorithms, outside of the audience defined in the campaign builder. So even with a perfectly defined audience, there is still work to do in order to not drive impressions to irrelevant audiences!

    Low Conversion rate

    What you experience: Good CTR but very low conversion rate

    Reason: 4 eyes sees better than 2, and together we can create something amazing. Sometimes it’s a match made in heaven, other times it needs some work and now and then, it doesn’t work at all. And we think that is fair enough, we are not machines after all. Send us a message and let’s have a chat about what you or your organization would benefit from – hopefully it will be the beginning of something extraordinary!

    Low CTR > 0,5%

    What you experience: Poor CTR

    Reason: Even the best campaign, with outstanding ads and performance metrics, can fall flat – and often does so. If the CTA is not attractive for the target audience, you will not see the conversions or clicks you expect. Choosing the correct CTA however, is not always easy, and it is a difficult exercise to look objectively at the value of your CTA form the inside.

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