Advertising campaigns – ABM


Account based marketing is a highly valuable campaign type, which often provides high ROI when carried out under the right circumstances. It is not a simple task and necessitates a deep understanding of your ideal buyer persona and some knowledge about the inner structure of the accounts. With that in hand we are able to tailor very specific campaigns aimed at just one goal – win the account(s). There are a few different subtypes we normally operate with, depending on the size of the account list.


When you just have that one client that is so ever important and offer a multitude of potential deals. A great benefit lies in the ability to create deliverables pinpointed towards not only their industry, but their actual products, organization, branches etc. This type of campaign can be carried out both as long term, slow burning campaign, one off campaign or a recurring burst campaign. They can be used both as a supporting element to the work of the sales reps, or as a stand-alone effort, creating SQL’s for the reps


The most popular type of campaign, aimed at 2-50 named accounts, all sharing certain elements such as industry, Product need, geographical location etc. Often it is recommended to split a large list into smaller, and more specific lists in order to fully exploit the benefits of an ABM campaign. This type of campaign is our most popular format and is often a good compromise for most companies. Campaign intensity and weight can be adjusted according to average order value to ensure a high ROI. Typically, we execute these campaigns as a lead generating campaign, however they are also useful to support existing sales efforts and brand activities.


This type of campaign is a crossover between a traditional campaign and an ABM campaign. It is run towards 50-500 named accounts, and naturally is less targeted than the typical ABM campaign, but some similarities exist between the accounts. This is often an efficient way of advertising when the AOV is on the lower side, or knowledge about each account is limited. Often this type of campaign serves both as leadgen and branding campaign, and in general can be adjusted to the results you are looking for.